A downloadable game for Windows

The Game

You are Willy the Panda and have to collect the golden Bamboo to escape from your enclosure.

You have to collect three golden Bamboo each level to open the exit and unlock the next level.


To control Willy you can either use the WASD keys on your Keyboard or a Gamepad.


The game was developed for the Waltzing Game Jam and represents the Themes as follows:

The Panda stands for the Yin & Yang which represents the light and dark theme. And also we added Lighting and shadows.

Looks may decive: we don't want to spoil you.

Willy has to break out of his enclosure and also has to break the bamboo to get out.


The game was developed using MonoGame and the Penumbra Light engine in Visual Studio. Wesadly  didn't have enough time to make a soundtrack for the game and to add sound effects.

Install instructions

Download and extract ZIP File.

Open setup.exe to install game.


Panda 2 MB

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